Objective of Palestine green organization (PGO)

Objective of Palestine green organization (PGO)
Objective of Palestine green organization (PGO)

Objective of Palestine green organization (PGO)
License Number: GA-1121-En
1-Researches and studies that serve the Palestine and global community to preserve the
2- working in order to reach a suitable clean healthy environment for human access to reach a civilized society
3- spreading of green areas in all parts of the nation and the preservation of water sources and rational use and protection from pollution
4- fighting all forms of environmental pollution and working on protecting the natural environment
5- The presence and participation of local and international conferences that operate for the benefit of the environment and communities
6- fighting all kinds of pollution whatever the resources are with legal and civilized ways and international followed means
7- searching for solution for the problems of electric energy and solid waste in cooperation with all authorities
8- belonging to the homeland and being concern about the environment of sports, cultural and social development and different activities
9- spreading green and a forestation and preserving natural reserves
10- developing the feelings of the environment and the natural of the human being and the need to the maintain them
11- preservation of beaches and natural resources from environmental pollution
12- Cooperation with organizations and parties, associations, companies and Arab and international institutions with environmental, social and service private and tourist activity to take advantage of its services and its expertise, research and cooperation with them to achieve the objectives of the environment
13-Implementation of training courses on the ecosystem and environmental protection and public benefit reserves and environmental importance of afforestation for the cultivation of green land to preserve the environment of pollutants to the environment and followed seminars and meetings and perform educational communal comprehensive
14- Definition of the importance of protecting the natural life of all wild creatures and attention and protection and the protection of environment and conservation
15- Finance projects cares for the environment for the re-planting (afforestation), and other matters of interest to the organization for the benefit of the Palestinian community
President of Palestine Green Organization ” PGO”
Mr . sulaman abu hassn