Bye Bye USA !!

Now, I just watched the interview given by US Reserve Bank Chairman, Powell. He said,” since the US has taken such an act, by kicking Russia out of this SWIFT System, no country will ever trust any organisation system, set up by the US anymore. That means, we could just kick out Russia, from the UN too.

The RUSSIANS are thankfully able to bypass the Visa Card, by using the *Chinese Unionpay, which has operations in 180 countries. Soon, all Asian, and ASEAN countries too, apart from India, South Korea, perhaps even Japan too, since Japan is in the newly formed RECEPT trade organisation, too. Australia and New Zealand who are in such a trading grouping too, will have to come up with an alternate paying system .

Since China is the Biggest Trading Nation on Earth, with turnover of more than 6 trillions US , almost 3 times that of the US Trade Volume, China will now encourage Asian countries to trade, using a Basket of Asian Currencies, bypassing US Dollar.

This will be the start of the US Currency decline, in the world trading system, as a reserved currency. Joe Biden wouldn’t have an iota of brain cells, to fathom such a scenario.

Of course, US and her other Western Allies, like Australia, will suck up to the Yanks/Americans, till we have screwed ourselves, in the end.

Our world will end up in a very different scenario from what we are witnessing and experiencing today. You can say our world will end up in Two Economic and Militarily sphere of influence, one lead by China, and one by US.

The ultimate scenario one day is this: China will have a economy twice bigger, than the US. Since China has 1.4 billions people, as soon as her GPD per person reaches even $30,000 per person, when that final goal is completely accomplished. US Hegemony has almost ended right now.

US, which BANNED Venezuela Oil Import, is now scrambling to ask Venezuela, to export oil to US. Even deaf & dumb, and blind Americans/Yanks, are asking Iran to export oil too.

EUROPE will be the Ultimate Biggest Loser in the end, if the Western World keeps going down this destructive path. Since Europe comprises Energy Dependent Countries, for Oil and Gas. Will Europe want to pay 2 to 3 times more, for US Liquefied Petroleum Gas ?
This newly elected Chancellor hasn’t a brain to figure this out. Unlike previous German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; she stood her ground against US objection to Russian Gas Pipe Line. President XI has just spoken to German Chancellor and French President, warning them that they are going to be in deep shit, if the war in Ukraine doesn’t work out amicably to all parties concerned.

Hello, we are going to be living in a Totally Different New World, sooner, rather than later.